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Pet Problems?

Having problems renting with pets? We can help find pet-friendly apartments, apartments that accept agressive breeds, multiple pets, event exotic pets!

With so many parks, lakes and trails, Austin really is a pet-friendly town. Most Austin apartments will allow you to have a pet in your apartment. However, many will only allow you one pet, and will ban certain types of pets or size pets. If you are a pet owner in Austin, here is what you need to know:

  • There are a limited number of Austin apartments that allow multiple pets, but they are not no existent, always ask about pet policies.
  • The number of pets allowed in the apartment rental often has to do with the type of pet or size of the pet. Some apartments will allow multiple cats, a few multiple dogs, but very few will allow multiple large dogs.
  • Very, very few apartments or rentals will allow more than two pets of any kind.
  • Almost all apartments will require a pet deposit which is often half a month's rent. It tends to be more if you have multiple pets, so figure that in to your application and administration fees when you consider an apartment.
  • In addition to the pet deposit you will probably also have to pay 'pet rent'. This is a small additional monthly rent for your pet to live in the apartment or rental with you. This will probably be on a 'per pet' basis, so if the pet rent is $30 and you have two cats you will pay $60/month in additional 'pet rent'.
  • Almost no apartment will accept agressive breed dogs. Among others 'agressive breed' includes Pit Bulls, German Shepards, Doberman Pinschers, Boxers, Rottweilers. If they are willing to consider these breeds, they might require a pet interview where you bring in the dog for management to meet them and determine their temperment in person or pet references.
  • An apartment is more likely to accept a cat that has been declawed and neutered or spayed.
  • Birds, fish, lizards, rabbits, oh my! There are Austin apartments that accept exotic pets such as these, but it is a case by case basis. Always tell your apartment locator what exotic pets you have, so they can clear it with the apartments you are considering before you tour them!

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